About Us

Why start your adventure with us?

At T.E.D. (Tiny Explorers Daycare), we work hard to provide a safe and fun environment for our adventurers.

Julieanne finished school to start a career in Childcare, working hard over the past decade to achieve various qualifications and accreditations such as;

  • National Diploma and Advanced National Diploma in Childcare and Education
  • Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Children’s Care Learning and Development (Advanced Practice and Management)
  • Certificate in Fire Safety
  • First Aid Training
  • Pediatric First Aid Training
  • Child Protection Training

Coupled with over 10 years working in all levels of childcare provision, Julieanne has started Tiny Explorers Daycare so she can offer a very personable and professional care all from within her own home.

Julieanne uses the T.E.D. principles below to help ensure that your children will enjoy and flourish during their time with us!


T is for Trust

Trusting us with your children is a great honour and a great responsibility which we do not take lightly.
We have worked hard to create a warm, friendly and approachable environment.
You can rest assured that your little ones are left in very capable and caring hands.


E is for Education.

At Tiny Explorers, we believe in the core value of learning through play and a supportive educational environment.
Your children will be encouraged to join in with learning games and learning adventures.
Whether it’s finding out about healthy foods or their favourite Dinosaur, we try to make every day a bit of a learning adventure.


D is for Development

With over 10 years experience in Childcare, various Childcare qualifications, and 2 children of my own, I know children develop at different speeds.
At Tiny Explorers, we will monitor and report all progress.
Whether it’s new skills or a new favourite colour, you’ll be briefed on all activities and thoughts from each adventure.